T.E.R.P.S. explained

“TALAKAYAN” (discussion) on exploring the emerging and evolving  Pinoy Terps – Filipinos who share the passion and hone their skills in the art of the flying and flipping hands painting a scenery and telling stories in mid-air. This is a venue for appreciating the art and science of sign language interpreting by sharing some eureka moments, by comparing notes on our findings from  ‘trial-and-error’, by connecting with mentors and coaches who had previously solved some of sign language interpreting’s mysteries. May we all become EXPERTS in this chosen field– be it our full-time or part-time job, a vocation, a mission, a hobby, or a consequential episode when we are thrown into circumstances wherein we are left with no choice but to do it because no one else will.

Ano “RAW”? We doubt our own interpreting skills. Other hearing people doubt our voice interpretation. Some Deaf doubt our sign interpretation.  Sabi pa nila, weh? di nga! Not until there exists here in the Philippines some objective assessment of our signing skills, not until there is an established degree program (and even a doctorate) for Sign Language Interpreting, not until there is the Licensure Exam for interpreters, not until we can validly claim with concrete evidence that we are  “licensed interpreters,” only then can we dispel all doubts.

Ang PAGSE-SENYAS ng wika ay likas para sa mga Bingi. Hiniram lang natin sa kanila ang wikang ito. Bilang mga tagapagsalin, galangin natin ang mga Bingi, ang kanilang wika at lahat na may kaugnayan sa kanilang kultura, pamamaraan ng pamumuhay, lingguwistikang pagkakakilanlan, at karapatang pantao. (Signing the language is natural for the Deaf. We are but borrowers of this language. As interpreters, let’s respect the Deaf, their language, and everything related to their culture, way of life, linguistic identity and human rights.)

In our work, vocation or mission as Sign Language Interpreters, may we remember these lines from the book edited by Carol Erting– The Deaf Way: Perspectives from the International Conference on Deaf Culture. “As Waldron observed – Deaf people are human beings in every sense; they all share the same desire to participate in the affairs of humanity. Not to be denied, deaf people have devised their own ways to cope with and make sense of their world on their way to full and equal participation. They can achieve this goal more quickly by using their own language as a primary tool, developing it to its fullest potential, and by taking control of the so-called intervention and rehabilitation process that shape their crucial formative years. The struggle of Deaf people throughout the world to preserve and restore sign language should be perceived as an effort to regain their humanity. Only when deaf people have regained their humanity can their hearing oppressors recover their own.”

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