You know when you are a Pinoy Terp when…

…you possess this extra super special skill wherein you can “talk” using only your hands to express your thoughts, feelings, the latest showbiz happening, the weather news update, the recent twitter trending topic, the change in the facebook status, and what-have-you;

…you can still “talk” to the Deaf and a fellow Pinoy Terp while your mouth is full and your hands are unoccupied;

…you can “talk” underwater while snorkeling or scuba diving or when your ka-chika is on the other side of the glass door or standing on the nth floor of another building within your line of sight;

…your voice speaks what is in the heart, mind  and hands of the Deaf Pinoy so that the madlang pipol can understand;

…your first ever “interpreting” gig is purely voluntary (out of love, mission, in the service of the Filipino people);

…you felt ecstatic, euphoric even, receiving your first ever “paid” interpreting work (and you wish this will not be the last “paid” interpreting work);

…you admire fellow Pinoy terps who are very good in voice interpreting and you wish to be like them someday, but when an opportunity comes to actually do voice interpreting yourself, you would rather be on invisible mode. Now you see me, now you don’t;

…you learn the hazards of interpreting the trial-and-error way and moreso find out the solution the eureka way, aha! matang lawin!;

…your full-time day job is something else. You do interpreting on the side, or when there is a subpoena to interpret in court.

…you have interpreting gigs that are 8-hour straight with 30 min.snack break and 1-hour lunch break, for 3 or 4 full days (for a seminar, workshop, or training) and no other co-interpreter to share the load. The reason being, the seminar/training organizers do not have enough budget to pay 2 interpreters and they think you are superman or wonderwoman anyway. You can do it solo, light or even zero!

…your best buddy after a day of non-stop signing is the Efficascent oil for fast, immediate relief. For extra strength for an extra pain, grab an Omega Pain Killer. Rub and gently massage the shoulders, neck, arms and wrist. If symptoms persist, stick on some Salonpas. Hot compress may help. Dip cloth in hot water and wrap around the painful area. If symptoms still persist,   consult your masseur/masseuse, physical therapist or manghihilot. Depends really on how much talent fee you got from the interpreting gig. Sometimes if you are lucky, you will get some ‘consuelo’ from the Deaf who sees and feels your “pain” when they would volunteer to give you that much-anticipated massage for temporary relief.

…at some point in your interpreting life, “multitasking” is your middle name and you have become everything (teacher, counselor, tutor, mentor, coach, mama, papa, tito, tita, doctor, yaya, driver, confessor, confidante, friend and the list goes on and on) to every Deaf that crossed your life’s path.

share your own thoughts… blog and tell the world the indomitable stuff Pinoy Terps are made of!


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  2. JX Baliza (@jxbaliza)
    Feb 01, 2012 @ 10:06:07

    … the dominant color of your wardrobe is either black or dark gray.

    … you cannot grow facial hair that will distract the client’s field of view — and especially not when you’re a lady terp!

    … you use gestures when speaking, more frequently than non-signers.

    … you have conquered stage fright and have mustered grace under pressure especially when having to interpret in front of a huge audience.

    … you have an extensive vocabulary of the spoken and sign languages.

    … you are in-the-know of everything and everyone happening in town!


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